September 18, 2014

Spanking Trivia

Test Your Knowledge of Spanking Pop Culture

The following questions were accumulated over several years as part of trivia game I’ve presented at Shadow Lane and Florida Moonshine parties.

Contestants were asked questions in turn. If they answered correctly they received one point. Contestants who answered their question incorrectly had the choice of either dropping out or taking a spanking (or making their designated bottom take a spanking). The players with the most points at the end of the game won some nice prizes, like this one-of-a-king quiz paddle from The London Tanners.

Bottoms: If you want to play this game at home, print out the list of questions and give it to your partner (without looking at the questions or answers). Then ask him or her to test you. If you answer 60 or more questions correctly, you win the intimate favor of your choice. But if you get less than 60, you must bare your behind for a long, hard spanking. (Which might be just as good as a sexual favor for most of you anyway.)

Here are the questions. (Warning: Some of these are a bit dated.) The answers are listed at the bottom. Good luck!

1. In the movie Animal House, what actor utters the famous line, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

2. Ed Lee, Stan Lee or Buddy Lee. Which Lee owns the spanking video company Nu-West?

3. What female pop star sings about the joys of erotic spanking in her song Hanky Panky?

4. What organization calls itself the “group for the discriminating Florida spanker?” Crimson Moons, Florida Moonshine, or Scarlet Hills of Tampa?

5. Who takes a switch to Kim Darby’s strong-willed character in the classic western True Grit?

6. Who appreciates a gentle spanking once in a while? Monica, Rachael or Phoebe?

7. Actress Dana Delaney takes a hairbrush to Paul Mercurio in this 1994 film based on an Anne Rice novel. Was it East of Eden; Exit to Eden; or Return to Eden?

8. Which United States President earned the nickname of Old Hickory?

9. DD Machinery of Jamestown, N.C., offers what it calls the world’s first mechanical spanking machine. What have they named this device? Robospanker, Spank-O-Matic, or Johnny Wallop?

10. This young man caused a mild uproar in 1994 when a Singapore court sentenced him to be caned. What is his name?

11. Uma Thurman spanks a young Yakuza member with her Samurai sword in what 2003 revenge flick from director Quentin Tarantino? Was it Kill Bill Vol. I; Kill Bill Vol. II; or Shogun Assassin?

12. Both Maureen O’hara and Stephanie Powers get spanked in what 1963 western staring John Wayne?

13. The parenting advice offered by Proverbs 13:24 is often paraphrased as:

14. What famous singer/actor spanks a spoiled blonde teenager in the film Blue Hawaii?

15. In the novel Tom Sawyer, who does Tom save from a severe switching, by taking the punishment himself?

16. Name the spanking products company founded by Eve Howard and Tony Elka.

17. Martinet, trebuchet, berrichet. Which is the name of a traditional French implement of correction?

18. In this motion picture based on the legend of King Arthur, Dingo advises Sir Galahad that there is only one penalty for wickedness in Castle Anthrax. He must tie Zoot down on a bed and spank her. Name the movie.

19.What Hollywood leading man’s taste for spanking games was revealed by a former girlfriend in Playboy magazine, earning him the nickname Spanky Jack?

20. Which spanking artist and video star wrote and illustrated the graphic novels Valeria and City of Dreams? Is it Brian Tarsis, Jay Em or Alazar?

21. Originally published under a pseudonym, the novels The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty; Beauty’s Punishment; and Beauty’s Release were written by what best-selling author?

22. This spanking author has written such timeless works as The Indiscretions of Isabelle, The Indecencies of Isabelle, and The Indignities of Isabelle. Is she Mrs. Birch, Nina Birch, or Penny Birch?

23. What is the current name of the spanking implement manufacturer formerly known as Hanson Paddle Company? Is it Exotic Paddles, Paddlewerks or The Toy Bag?

24. In Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, what animal child is spanked by a giraffe, a hippo, a baboon and a python, just for daring to ask, “What does the crocodile have for dinner?”

25. What self-proclaimed “king of all media” has been both spanker and spankee on his national radio program?  

26. Name the 1970s/early ’80s alternative band that encouraged listeners to “Whip it. Whip it good.”

27. Actress Dana Delany dished out the spankings in the film Exit to Eden. In which film was she on the receiving end? Light Sleeper; Live Nude Girls; or Moon Over Paradore?

28. Set on the last day of school in 1976, which 1993 movie featuring Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey and Parker Posey, contains numerous scenes of high school students hunting down and paddling incoming freshmen. Is it Detroit Rock City; Half Baked; or Dazed and Confused?

29. A person with a beautiful what would be described as callipygian?

30. Complete this saying, traditionally found on souvenir-store paddles: “For the cute little deer…”

31. In a 1996 episode of The Simpsons, Bart is spanked over the knee by which former U.S. President: George Bush, Richard Nixon or Gerald Ford?

32. Who is the front woman for the commercial spanking web site Tantrum Trainers? Kelly Payne, Alexis Payne or Julia Payne?

33. Which acclaimed science fiction writer incorporated adult spanking references into several of his novels? Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov or William Gibson?

34.Which of these “Danas” is a professional disciplinarian? Dana Delaney, Dana Specht or Dana Carvy?

35. The Crimson Moon spanking social club is based in what city? Chicago, Denver or Atlanta?

36. In the period from 1999-2000, approximately how many times was corporal punishment administered in Texas schools? 25,000, 50,000 or 75,000? 

37. Who gave her children some broth, without any bread, then whipped them all soundly, and sent them to bed?

38. Which spanking video star ran the company Brooks Applications? Mel Brooks, Jennifer Brooks or Terry Brooks?

39. What Texas gubernatorial candidate wrote the book Spanking Watson?Kinky Friedman, Sarah Veitch or Stephen Rawlings?

40. What 2002 independent film, featuring several adult spanking scenes, promoted itself with the provocative line: Assume the position? Was it the The Temp; Secretary; or Working Girl?

41. In this 1980 film, Robert Redford stars as a crusading warden who forgoes the use of the dreaded prison strap to discipline inmates. Was it Brubaker; The Great Waldo Pepper; or The Sting?

42. Which character on the primetime cartoon show Futuramareally, really wanted a bare bottom spanking from Captain Leela? Fry, Zapp Brannigan or Dr. Zoidberg?

43. In 1936, Dr. Dorathy Spenser published this famous set of guidelines for adult domestic discipline. Name it.

44. Prior to launching her well-known spanking video company, this famous bottom edited Spank Hard magazine under the pseudonym of Lizzie Bennett. By what name to we know her today?

45. Who wrote the book The Compleat Spanker? Lady Green, Ed Lee or Dr. Spock?

46. Melinda Clarke played dominatrix Lady Heather in two episodes of what highly-rated crime drama?

47. Who’s the front woman for the Good Spankingonline magazine? Chelsea Pfeiffer, Deede Pfeiffer or Michelle Pfeiffer?

48. Which character on the Drew Carey Show made no secret about his fondness for getting spanked? Was it Oswald, Lewis or Mr. Wick?

49. Writer/producer Joss Whedon created a paddle-loving sorcerer named Spanky for which of his television series? Firefly, Angel, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

50. Snidely Whiplash is the arch-enemy of what cartoon lawman?

51. Who’s known for selling drop-seat pajamas: Bobbie Tawse, Stephanie Locke or Jennifer Brooks?

52. Which actress screams the line, “No more wire hangers,” in the 1981 film Mommie Dearest?Meryl Streep, Glen Close or Fay Dunnaway?

53. What does the acronym SCONY stand for?

54. Opium and tea trader Dirk Straun gives his willful mistress a bruising hand spanking, and then later takes a switch to her, in what James Clavell novel? Tai-Pan, Shogun or Nobel House?

55. In which animated feature do our heroes accidentally intrude on a grown man being spanked by a scantily clad woman in a motel room? Is it Powerpuff Girls – The Movie; Beavis and Butthead Do America, or South Park, Bigger, Longer and Uncut?

56. On HBO’s Sex and the City, who discovered a spanking video while snooping through her new boyfriend’s apartment? Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha?

57. Glen Campbell takes a switch to Kim Darby in the classic western True Grit, but earlier in the movie, what does John Wayne threaten to do to her? Paddle her rump, give her five or six licks with his belt, or raise welts on her like worms?

58. Which of the following is NOT a Texas-based spanking group? Bottoms Up, SASSY or Scarlet Moons?

59. The UK-based spanking publication Janus has been published for more than three decades. In ancient mythology, what was Janus? The two-faced Roman god of doorways; the huge three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld; or the five-headed serpent that protected the golden fleece?

60. Ben Stiller tentatively spanks Jennifer Anniston in what movie? The Good Girl; Meet the Parents; or Along Came Polly?

61. In Rudyard Kipling’s classic story The Elephant’s Child, which animal spanks the curious young elephant the hardest? The Ostrich, the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake, or the Crocodile?

62. Which ‘80s pop star sings the following lyrics in the song Beat My Guest: “Well tie me up and hit me with a stick; Beat me, beat me; There’s so much happiness behind these tears; I pray you’ll beat me for ten thousand years.” Was it Adam Ant, Madonna or Boy George?

63. Who spanks Liz Allen in the 1963 movie Donovan’s Reef? Gregory Peck, Rock Hudson or John Wayne?

64. In the unrated version of this 1991 film, Patrick Bergin takes Sean Young across his knee and spanks her backside 22 times on camera. Name the film: Love Crimes, Crimes of Passion, or Savage Love?

65. Who sings “Spank me, whoop me, let me come back home. Break out the leather baby,” on his ‘80s top-40 hit Bad Boy?Lionel Richey, Luther Vandross or Ray Parker Jr.?

66. In what movie does supermodel Kathy Ireland say, “I’m just a gal like any other gal. I want a home, a family, an occasional spanking.” Is it Not Another Teen Movie; National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1; or Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama?

67. Which clown show has a minor character named Corporal Punishment? Is it The Bozo the Clown Show, The Krusty the Clown Show or The Spanky the Clown Show?

68. A buck-naked Steve Buscemi is strapped by a Native American mechanic in what Coen Brothers movie? Blood Simple, Barton Fink or Fargo?

69. Raven Hill, Scarlet Hill, Flaming Hill. Which is NOT a U.S. spanking video producer?

70. In what movie does Kevin Costner ask Rene Russo if his inner child needs a spanking? Tin Cup, Bull Durham, or Field of Dreams?

71. Which animated cable TV series featured a cartoon pig named Spanky Ham? Drawn Together, South Park, or Lucy, Daughter of the Devil?

72. When accepting the academy award for best actor, this leading man said his grandmother could have received an Oscar for the way she whipped him, because she was great at it. Was it Jamie Fox, Denzel Washington, or Forest Whitaker?

73. This spanking video producer wrote the autobiography Whips & Kissesand appeared on several daytime talk shows in the early 1990s, including Phil Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael and Montel Williams. Is she Eve Howard, Chelsea Pfeiffer or Jacqueline Omerta?

74. According to Monty Python, what follows a good spanking at Castle Anthrax? Stampeding toward the clitoris; the oral sex; or tickle, bubble and squeak?

75. In this series on the Showtime cable network, the literary agent’s secretary likes to be spanked, but his wife doesn’t. Is the series Californication, Weeds or Big Love?

76. In this 1997 motion picture directed by Oliver Stone, Nick Nolte threatens to put Jennifer Lopez over his knee and paddle her ass raw after catching her “hanging drapes” with Sean Penn. Is the movie U Turn, Lost Highway or Joy Ride?

77. George “Spanky” McFarland was one of the Little Rascals on what popular series of American short films in the 1930s? Was it Our Gang, The Kiddie Troupers or Toonerville Trolley?

78. In this play by William Shakespeare, the Fool mocks the king’s decision to divide his lands among his daughters, saying he’s essentially giving them the rod and putting down his own breeches. Is the play Titus Andronicus, Henry V or King Lear?

79. Who backs her spanking videos with the promise, “If I don’t get off on it, I don’t sell it.”  Is it Clair Fonda, Kelly Payne or Jennifer Brooks?

80. Who is hauled to the shed for a dose of the razor strop in the controversial 1978 drama Pretty Baby?Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields, or Tatum ONeil?

81. Who wrote the spanking novel Over the Knee? Stephanie Locke, Fiona Locke, or Sondra Locke?

82. Where are you most likely to see a Bra and Panties Paddle on a Pole Match? WWE, CBN or UFC?

83. Ramona threatens to pull down John Belushi’s pants and spank his little buns in this 1981 comedy. Is it Neighbors, Animal House or 1941?

84. Who recorded the song Bad Boys Get Spanked? Madonna, Blondie or The Pretenders?

85. Who is paddled by a priest in the 1995 film The Basketball Diaries?Leonardo DiCaprio, River Phoenix or Johnny Depp?

86. Cheech spanks Chong in what 1974 audio skit? Earache My Eye, Buggery on the High Seas, or Peter-Rooter?

87. Who wrote the book Fantasies of a Young Submissive? Niki Flynn, Joan Kelly or Rosaleen Young?

88. Ewan McGregor throws custard on Emily Martimer and then beats her with a stick in what 2003 arthouse flick? Trainspotting, Young Adam or Velvet Goldmine?

89. In the music video for the song Sonne, members of this band line up for bare bottom spankings from a gigantic Snow White. Is the band Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, or the Revolting Cocks?

90. Which motion picture does not contain a famous spanking scene? Blue Hawaii, Donovan’s Reef or Open Water?


1. Kevin Bacon 2. Ed Lee 3. Madonna 4. Florida Moonshine 5. Glen Campbell 6. Phoebe 7. Exit to Eden 8. Andrew Jackson 9. Robospanker 10. Michael Fay 11. Kill Bill, Vol. 1 12. McClintock 13. Spare the rod and spoil the child. 14. Elvis Presley 15. Becky Thatcher 16. Shadow Lane 17. Martinet 18. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 19. Jack Nicholson 20. Brian Tarsis 21. Anne Rice 22. Penny Birch 23. Paddlewerks 24. The Elephant’s Child 25. Howard Stern 26. Devo 27. Live Nude Girls 28. Dazed and Confused 29. Buttocks 30. with the bear behind. 31. Bush 32. Kelly Payne 33. Heinlein 34. Dana Specht 35. Chicago 36. 75,000 37. The old woman who lived in a shoe. 38. Jennifer Brooks 39. Kinky Friedman 40. Secretary 41. Brubaker 42. Zapp 43. The Spenser Spanking Plan 44. Eve Howard 45. Lady Green 46. CSI 47. Chelsea 48. Mr. Wick 49. Angel 50. Dudley Do-Right of the Royal Canadian Mounties 51. Bobbie Tawse 52.  Fay Dunnaway 53.  Spanking Club of New York 54. Tai-Pan 55.  Beavis and Butthead 56. Miranda   57. Paddle her rump. 58. Scarlet Moons 59. The two-faced Roman god of doorways. 60. Along Came Polly 61. Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake 62. Adam Ant 63. John Wayne 64. Love Crimes 65. Ray Parker Jr. 66. Loaded Weapon 1 67. The Krusty the Clown Show 68. Fargo 69. Flaming Hill 70. Tin Cup 71. Drawn Together 72. Jamie Fox 73. Jacqueline Omerta 74. The Oral Sex 75. Californication 76. U Turn 77. Our Gang 78. King Lear 79. Kelly Payne 80. Brook Shields 81. Fiona Locke 82. WWE 83. Neighbors 84. The Pretenders 85. Leonardo DiCaprio 86. Earache My Eye 87. Rosaleen Young 88. Young Adam 89. Rammstein 90. Open Water