September 22, 2014

Nu-West Spanking Comics

For the sake of posterity and historical perspective, here’s some pre-Internet spanking nostalgia for you. (Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.)

The time was the glorious 1980s, when my computer was a Commodore 64, the compact disc was the cutting-edge media format challenging the vinyl LP record, and the country’s biggest fear was the threat of thermonuclear war with the mighty Soviet Union.

Out in California, a pioneering spanking content company named Nu-West/Leda was producing gritty, realistic spanking videos and publications, including a series of adult comics “for the connoisseur of corporal punishment and home discipline.”

The Nu-West Comics were primarily 16-page, black-and-white publications with cardstock covers, and many featured illustrations from talented spanking artist Stephanie Burke, whose work has always seemed particularly authentic to me.

Back before the days of free blogging and Internet image searches, these comics were quite unique. A CP enthusiast might find the occasional adult spanking drawing in a book or magazine, but complete illustrated stories were a rarity.

I asked Ed Lee over at Nu-West/Leda if I could post a few of these old comic covers for you. Here are a couple of historical factoids he shared with me:

“Some of the comics have stories behind them and some don’t. The House in Virginia was based on a real situation except the real house was in Michigan. Many of the comics were drawn by an artist who did a lot of work for Marvel.”

I believe that some of these publications may still be available for purchase on the Nu-West/Leda website, in case you’d like a piece of classic spanking memorabilia for your personal collection.