September 20, 2014

The Double-Secret Tantric Spanking Chair

I’m not sure if spanking play can be considered a mystical, Tantric sex experience, though it has been known to extract the occasional “Oh God,” from some participants.

Most spanking aficionados (myself included) aren’t quite liberated enough to have a permanent CP bench parked in the living room, but they might get away with The Tantra Chair from Zen By Design, which could easily pass for a funky, modern chaise lounge in a stylish urban loft.

The manufacturer says its creation is “designed to enhance the advanced sexual positions of the Kama Sutra” and is “revolutionizing the lovemaking experience for forward-thinking couples around the world.”

Well we spankos are notoriously forward thinking. Or is that backward thinking? Anyway, we’re definitely open minded about perverting furniture, household grooming items or even cooking utensils to our own nefarious ends — especially if said items won’t spook the relatives.

Which brings me back to the whole double secret aspect of The Tantra Chair: It’s a Karma Sutra platform, disguised as a lounger, which can be secretly used as a spanking bench. That’s at least two layers of helpful subterfuge.

If any of your friends press you about the new chaise, you can simply admit that “Yes, it’s actually a sex chair.” At which point they won’t want to sit on it any more, but they may think you’re kind of hip in the socially-acceptable, wild-vanilla-sex sort of way.

For more information on what seems to be a very high-quality and well-reviewed product, visit The Tantra Chair’s Website. While you’re there, you might also enjoy the soft-core demonstration photos and videos featuring attractive, naked, bendy people. (No spanking, but quite educational anyway.)

And finally, thanks to the kind folks at Zen By Design for providing me with promotional photos of their product. I was upfront about using the shots on a spanking site and ZBD was very cool about that. So good on them.

As the old saying goes, “Do whatever makes you happy. Just don’t do it outside where you might scare the horses.”