September 23, 2014

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Ewan McGregor Spanks

Ewan McGregor Spanks

I can’t really recommend the gloomy art-house film Young Adam – there are probably better ways to spend your time – but the movie does feature a rather aggressive spanking and sploshing scene between Ewan McGregor (Joe) and the lovely Emily Mortimer (Cathie). Joe is an unmotivated writer who squanders his day making a big bowl of creamy, yellow … [Read More...]

Secret Identity Spanking Art

Spanking Art: Secret Identity

In yet another example of real life being stranger than fiction, the hardcover book Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-creator Joe Shuster reveals how a giant of American popular culture became involved with a series of underground BDSM publications called Nights of Horror. Filled with illustrated tales of spanking, bondage, voyeurism and … [Read More...]

LT Video

More London Tanner News

A few months back I mentioned that Ian of The London Tanners was once again crafting premier disciplinary implements for the adult spanking community. Well now Ian has just launched a brand-new website for his wares and also posted a preview of his upcoming instructional video on straps and strapping. I’ve been using Ian’s products for years and … [Read More...]


Miss Wilderspin’s Shrine

Towards the end of the 1997 film Preaching to the Perverted, an anti-BDSM politician (and former headmaster) is chased down into his assistant’s cellar by aggressive paparazzi. As the minister lights the cellar’s candles, he discovers that his loyal Miss Wilderspin has built a little shrine to his headmaster days, complete with a vintage school desk … [Read More...]